Section 19, Blk 7; H&GN Survey A-39 Reeves County, TX

Can anyone tell me if there are any new developments in this area?

My sister and I are still holding onto our mineral rights. We each have 8.88 acres.

My brother sold his mineral rights a couple of months ago and received $100,000 for his 8.88 acres. I have one year left on my lease.

The Houston Chronicle has had numerous articles about oil in Reeves County.

The most recent article was about "Alpine High" which covers 350,000 acres along a southern strip of Reeves County near the Davis Mountains in the Permian Basin's western lobe called the Delaware. Apache Corp. discovered this area holds more than 3 billion barrels of oil and 75 trillion cubic feet of natural gas the equivalent of 15 billion barrels of oil - one of the biggest finds of the decade".

Can someone tell me if my property is near Alpine High?

Thanks so much.

Susan Titus


This GIS Map of Reeves County shows that your minerals acreage is in the far Northeastern part of Reeves County. The red circle(shame on you, don't laugh at my circle) with the small blue spot is where your minerals are located. [[[Thanks for supplying the Abstract #.....makes finding these locations much easier]]]

Next door to the East, Parsley Energy has an approved permit(12/01/2016)for a 11,000' Wolfcamp Horizontal well(API 389-35532. This well will start in Section 29 and go into Section 22.;jsessionid=yp6tY6QHdQypX4Wpkxc1rvfTqK0SJLfnDb90rgdfMNQCl8BFt2p1!-1547074831?fromPublicQuery=Y&name=LIGON%2BSTATE%2BUNIT%2B7-22&univDocNo=490569505

GIS Map of Reeves County A-39/Section 19/Block 7 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles


As Clint showed you your acreage is on the opposite side of Reeves from where the "Alpine High" that Apache called it is. In my opinion the much, much better side of Reeves.

Good luck


I also have interests in Section 19, Block 7 and am following this discussion. I have 40 acres in the SW corner.

Greg Coleman