Section 19-20N-9W

I signed the lease or assign document sent to me ? Was that a bad decision? I have no clue what is going on there? I live in CA. It was titled well proposal Hilltop 2009 1-19MH

Also got one dismissing cause for section 13, 20N, 10W? I am totally confused!

Can you provide more information? What type of document was it? It looks like the Hilltop 2009 1-19MH well was drilled November 2018. It’s never a bad idea to have a professional look over any type of document before you sign.

The Hilltop 2009 1-19H was drilled in late 2018. Have you gotten royalties from it? Contact the operator to see if they are holding funds for you. Not knowing what you actually signed, I hope you didn’t assign them away. First sales were January 8, 2019, so you need to follow up if you are not receiving royalties. They may have them held in suspense. You may have to prove your title.


You apparently have other minerals. If you got a letter from the OCC regarding 13-20N-10W, you need to figure out what you have and how you got it. That is a few miles away from the first one. What case number is at the top of the document? There were four cases pending. Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions is currently in bankruptcy, so that will take a while to sort out. Use the time to find out what you own. Look at the respondents list on the case and see if you recognize any family names. You can contact their attorney and find out a bit about the title opinion (if they are still working for them.).

Then you need to find out if you have other minerals. Start with these two first.

I made a huge error! Apparently I received letters from two different locations. One was from Capstone regarding: S9, T5N, R1W, McClain County OK.

The other one from OK Energy Acquisitions LP S13, T20N, R10W, Major County OK My question was regarding Major County. So sorry for confusion.

S9, T5N, R1W, McClain County OK. Capstone has permits for two wells. One is for Tut 1-9-16-21XH going south and one is for Kalahari 1-4-33XH going north. Probably only will be production in section 9 for Tut. Hearings are soon.

S13, T20N, R10W, Major County OK Hilltop 2009 well was sold to BCE-MACH III LLC in May 2020. Sorry, I should have remembered about the sale in my previous comment. Did you have a particular question about it?