Section 19 10N 08W

Any info on this section would be very helpful. Trying to sell my minerals but not too sure yet. Mine is leased to geadeke currently but so far no activity as far as i know.

Marathon has cases for a new well at the corporation commission. Are you sure you want to sell? Wouldn’t you rather have the income on this well and any potential wells? Anyone who wants to buy from you thinks they are going to make money off of you. You have horizontals all around you.

Im not educated in this whole mineral rights business. Ive tried to learn but im still very confused. I signed up for the mineral owner registry but all im seeing is stuff around me. They show to have drilled one recently on 20- 10N - 08W so i just figured they already drilled there so close so they wouldnt on mine. Very dumb in understanding all this stuff. At the same time ive been kept in the dark with my family as to the # of acres i own. I also have some in sec 33 07 N 07 W. Do u have any knowledge about that section? What do u mean with the corporation commission? R they in the process of putting a well in my section? Thank u for giving me a heads up on selling!!!

Where would i look on the corporation commission?

Accept my friend request and I will walk you through how to look everything up.

Brandy...I have interest in this section and have been getting offers too. Yes, a pooling hearing was scheduled recently and I got a notice today it is continued to June 4.

Brandi, I signed up for the mineral registry but did not find it helpful, so quit it after a year. This forum is much more in line with what you need. The Corporation Commission controls all oil and gas drilling (and a whole lot more).

To look up items on the OK Corporation Commission…
Google or whatever search you like: OK Corporation Commission (
Then go to Conducting Business tab,
Then scroll down to IMAGED DOCUMENTS (
The wells are at Oil and Gas well Records Forms ( You have to use a leading zero so you would use 1910N08W in the Legal Location box. Sometimes a permit will be in the section to the north or to the south of you. Or slightly east or west.
The OCC dockets and case files are in the OAP Orders and Case Files section ( I have a MAC and it doesn’t play well with this part, so I use a paid subscription data base, but I can usually tell someone pretty quickly what their case numbers are. PC folks may have an easier time, but you need to read the directions on the OCC website on how to do it.
If your address is properly filed with the description of your mineral acres at the county clerk for your county, you should get mailed any OCC hearing information.
Your pending case are: 201801419, 201801421, 201801420. Type those in the Case # box and you will see everything.

You have horizontals all around you. You are about to have a well in 19. Use the time in the next two months to get your acreage leased or you can wait for the pooling in June. Don’t sign the first lease you get. Read it and then ask questions here about what lease clauses you need to watch out for. Make sure you have a no post production clause. No enhanced value second half of the clause. You need a depth clause and about 15 other clauses in your addendum. Come back and ask questions. You are about to get educated!

It belonged to my mother and she passed away in 2014. My sister was rep on the probate case. She signed a lease with geadeke or a name similar to that in march 2017. I just havnt heard anything since then and so i started thinking about selling my portion since the probate was finalized in dec 2017. Thanks for taking the time to message and send me those links. Im going to start searching. Thanks for the help.

We had an offer of 40,000 to buy our 5.33 acres in sec.19. 10N08W. Do u know if thats a decent offer or whats fixing to take place in our section?

Looks like Marathon and another operator are currently fighting at the OCC for operatorship of that section, means there won't be any incoming revenues for probably over a year as that could take several months, a few more months to drill and complete and then six month delay from first production before you begin receiving royalty payments. All that being said, I think you could probably do a bit better on selling these.

Brandi, I think that offer is low. There are horizontals all around you. There are a bunch of wells being drilled from 31-11N-8w south into 6 & 7, The offers for those sections are $19,000/ac.