Section 184 Block 13 Reeves County

Can someone give me an idea of lease bonus amounts received per NMA in this area? I’m not in this section but close by. Also, is there any way to find that info online? Thanks!

We are in Sec. 185, just to the north of Sec. 184. Properties in our area often go for $10,000 an acre or higher. You can find school lands and state mineral records online, but it is almost impossible to find the amounts paid for privately owned mineral rights. Companies do not want those advertised. That is why this site is so valuable. The more we share, the more power we have.

If you give more details about your location, I may be able to find a school or state site near you and find those records.

Thank you Liz that helps me a lot actually. I don’t want to post more info as it’s all up in the air and kind of tricky right now in terms of negotiations and where the mineral acreage is. I appreciate your help and your contributions to this website!

Hi there

Could you provide any info on c16 block sections just south of route 10? Our lease will be due in oct for a possible renewal with bonus per acre. It’s hard to tell what acreage is going for in that area currently… thanks for any guidance you can offer

I tend to be most familiar with the areas in which we actually hold minerals - and we don’t hold any here. So I have no direct knowledge of lease amounts. And it would be helpful if you were more specific about your area. But here is a map of the area I think you mean. The light blue area is C16.

I’ve outlined in different colors the state lands that have been leased fairly recently and the amounts paid at the time. (I make no guarantees that entire sections were leased even if I marked them that way. And I make no guarantees that everything is complete and correct. This was a quickie job just to give an overview.)

You will see that some leases cover several sections. If several sections are marked in one color, even if they are not contiguous, they were leased at the price listed in the same color. I’ve included some sections outside of C16 just because they are near-ish.

Click on the map to enlarge it. Hope it answers your question!

Thank you for all your insight and help!