Section 18 T5N R4W


I have a client who owns minerals in the Maximus 1-19-18WXH owned by Casillas. I have been unable to determine the length/percentage of laterals in section 18. Does anyone have this information?

#2 Darla, they have probably have the exact split on the Division order, but here is the survey with the footage.


Darla,the split for the Maximus 1-19-18WXH well is this.

Section 18 28% Section 19 72%


Thank You for your help M Barnes!


Rick…didn’t see your post until just now. Thank You!!


Final division orders may have a few more decimal places on the splits. The OCC final order will give them, but you have a pretty good ball park idea for the moment.


It does seem somewhat odd that whole numbers were used for the sectional allocations, however, I requested the division order calculation and an even 28% was used in determining the sum of our final decimal interest for section 18. Hope that helps.


When I calculated my clients interest at the 28% it was almost exactly what they came up with, so I guess he is good to go. Thanks