Section 18 8N 6W Grady County OK

My current mineral rights lease in Grady County, Section 18 8N 6W expires soon. Does anyone have information on which companies might be leasing in that area and how much to expect for offers? Also, has there been any activity in that area?

Do you know the status of the Turner 1H-07-06 well that was permitted for drilling on 8/2/2017? It anticipated to to drilling on 8/15/2017, but I cant find a completion report.

disregard, looks like that well is in section 6 and 7.

Camino has a pending horizontal well in section 18. You should have gotten all the mailings. If you expire, several companies may come looking for you.

Thanks, Martha. I have received no correspondence about Camino. Also, should I post my questions in the Grady County category?

I went back to my source and they had posted some of the info in the wrong section. Once I opened the cases up, I found the error. Sorry about that. I submitted a change request to them.

I haven’t heard of any activity in our Grady Sec 18 6 7 since Unit’s halted drilling last Jan. Any updates? As always, thank you!

Mike Mager

I’m late to the party here, but I was also interested in the status of that well. The Oklahoma records show it in S18 8N 6W, are they incorrect? I was looking here: Gross Production

Thank you for any information. is the completion report for Turner 1H07-06. The surface location is in 18 but no perforations.