Section 17, Block 54, Township 7S

Hello, My son and I own mineral rights in the above referenced section in Reeves County. We have recently received a Division Order and know that there is at least one well in production. However, in reviewing the RRC website we see another well that is not referenced in the Division Order, which has left us confused. How can we verify this? Also, we’re wondering if we should stay with our current lease and collect royalties or is it in our best interest to sell. Any information/guidance from anyone knowledgeable in this area is greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance! Lori Loucks

Lori, I see only 1 producing well in Section 17/API 389-35615/Sarge 17-Well # 1

Reeves County Section 17/Block 54 T7S/A-160


Lori, what royalty decimal did they assign you on the division order? As for the other well, the map Clint posted above shows that it was plugged and abandoned, thus it is no longer active and would not show up on the division order or any other documentation.

Thank you so much for your help Clint. This is very helpful!

Lori Loucks

Thank you so much for your reply. By royalty decimal I assume you mean interest? If so, mine is 0.00219807. I’m not sure what my son’s is. He owns a slightly higher interest in the mineral rights than I do but between us it represents 22.75 acres. Also, thank you for the information regarding the other well that we were seeing.

Kind regards, Lori Loucks

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