Section 17, 5S, 1W


In 2013, we leased our minerals to agents for Citation Oil Company in Section 17, 5S, 1W. The belief was widely held that drilling was imminent. The lease for 3 years has expired, and what seemed to be a certainty disappeared. To my knowledge, nothing was ever completed. Does anybody have any updates on what happened? Of course, I am aware of the industry downturn around that time. I own other minerals. But did something else come into play? Info, please. Thanks!


I don't see any record of even a permit to drill on the OCC website. Could be for various reasons - downturn, change in drilling budget or dry hole (or poor well) drilled nearby.


Hi, Ann!




Whats the link to the OCC website to look this up?


Click on Divisions

Click on Oil & Gas

Click on Databases

You may have to install their free software

Click on Well Browse Database

Usually you need to enter info. under "Location" only, not Operator


Ms. Harris. I am researching minerals in Section 23 and was curious if you have had any offers to purchase your minerals. And if the question is not consider too gauche, could you share the lease bonus you received in 2013 and the net mineral acres you own? Or perhaps just the bonus per your NMA? That would be a great help.