Section 16 and 21, Township 1S, Range 4W

Do you have any information on what is happening in Stephens County, Sections 16 and 21, T:1S, R:4W?

89Energy has quite a few cases at the OCC for horizontal drilling in the sections. If you are mineral owner, then you should be getting the mailings from the OCC.

M_Barnes, I thought Continental was doing the drilling in that section. They had a big dispute with Cheyenne on Section 17/20. I understand Continental gave it up to Cheyenne and, in turn, Cheyenne gave up Section 16/21 to Continental. Was that a misunderstanding on my part? Or, will both Continental and 89Energy be drilling in Section 16/21?

Martha How about Section 24, township one south, range four west part of the Inscore Unit…Activity? proposals? thank you Hawk

At the moment, 89 Energy and Cheyenne Petroleum have pending cases at the OCC for 16 & 21. The OCC will decide who gets to drill.

Hawk. Better if you post that question in a new thread so folks don’t get confused. Post it in Stephens but with a new topic and the S-T-R in the header.

Okay, Martha! I have hopped over from McClain to Stephens, as you suggested. I have holdings in Stephens, Section 16 and 21, T1S, R4W and Sections 17 and 20, T1S, 4W. Can you give me your good advice on these?

What would you like to know? Activity? Pending horizontal in 17&20. Probably Continental.

Pending horizontal in 16 & 21. Probably Continental.

Lots of offer to buy floating around. Personally, I am holding onto my minerals in that area.

Wiffy, I have some in S20-T1S-R4W also. Cheyenne starting production a few weeks ago and will have to start paying owners latter this year or early 2020. I also have some in S21-T1S-R4W and, as M_Barnes said, the dispute is between Continental and 89 Energy.

Just checking here…is there talk of another horizontal in Stephens, section 17 1N 5W ?

Again, thank you. Holding on seems to be the way to go!