Section 16 - Adjacent Sections

Can someone with expertise in Garvin County/Maysville area educate us on Section 16? Historically there was an active well but no known activity in many years. What is the geology of this section? Are there active wells in adjacent sections that involve horizontal drilling? Thanks.

I’ll save some else the bother. What is the township? 4N, 3W?


Lots of Section 16s. You need to give your Section, Township & Range before anyone can be of help.

Todd M Baker

Section 16 Township 4N Range 2W

Any activity here?

No new activity in 16-4N-2W. There is an old well still on line.
Recent activity was in 12 and 31 in the last two years.

Quite a bit (but not as much as last year) of activity from Maysville to Lindsay but hardly any at all from Maysville east which is where I think your 4n 2w would be. Hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Thanks Linda. So good to have your firsthand report! Our area is the very first block as you enter Maysville from the North; West side of highway.

Could be a horizontal coming through from a surface well in a different section.