Section 16 8N 7W

Does anyone have info on 16 8 7? Thx

It would be helpful if you were a bit more specific as to what type of information you are interested in.

I found filings for S16 8N 7W - the most recent were “plugged”. Reference J C Nelson by Continental. Does anyone have information on this well or any other information as to plans on this legal, please?

Valerie: Continental had to scrap the first JC Nelson well that is why it shows as plugged. They have filed to drill a replacement well.

Todd M. Baker

Oh good! That you for the info Todd.


How do I find the filing for the replacement well? I can’t see it by entering the 16 08N 07W legal.

Use section 9. The other pad is there.

Thank you Todd!!! I really appreciate your help.

Do you have any info on what the status is of the proposed well in section 9 8n 7w ? Thanks.

Case dockets are still pending with Continental Resources.