Section 15 Block 59

Atlantic did not exercise their 2 year option on my 137 acres 6/17 and it is still unleashed. It is in the south part and f the north half. Is anybody aware of any activity near there?

We own 400 acres in Section 40, currently unleased. No activity in the area we are aware of.

I have 560 acres in Section 17 Block 59. Lease expired in 2017 and no interest since. I haven’t heard of any activity around us. Meanwhile the County has increased my land appraisal 600%. Do y’all know of any surface sales activity or any other reason to set the appraisal rate to $450/acre? How about your appraisals? Given the lack of use for the land, the valuation seems way too high.

Seems to me that everyone has been hit. Our appraisal went up 1451%…Section 8 Blk 55 T7 S. County Appraisal District says based on recent sales. Said something about $600/acre. I do not know of any. Have protested, of course, and have a lawyer on it.