Section 14-20N-1E - Jekyll & Hyde

Does anyone know what is going on with this section/well. The well name is Jekyll & Hyde 1-14. NOGP Operating took over as operator in January and I can’t find out anything about what is going on with the well. The last check I received was from February and no one will get back to me at NOGP.

Anyone know anything?

Check your division order. You may have it set at $100.00 minimum and your payments don’t add up to enough now to make that cutoff. Also, when one company buys another one’s wells, it can take months to get everything straightened out. They usually send out a new Division Order.

Thank you for sending a message. I’m wondering if it is because someone else took over the well, but you would think someone at the company would get back to me. It’s frustrating when you can’t find anything out about the well.

You can track the production on the Gross Production site. They are usually four-six months behind, so don’t worry about that.

Here is the transfer paperwork with contact info for NOGP. Suggest you send a certified letter return receipt so you have a record of who received it. Request a new division order and make sure you put in the $25 instead of $100. That well had a bit of a spotty record on production info already. Not sure if it was reporting glitches from the first company or performance of the well. It was on a pump to keep it going.