Section 13, Block 3, H&TC RR CO Survey, A-175

We have interest in the following property in Shackelford County.but we don’t know how to contact the operator. Is there some way to look up this information, get some production and revenue history and contact the operator? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

State Texas
County Shackelford
Gross Acres 152
Net Mineral Acres Unknown
Interest Type Royalty
Land Status Producing
Description Section 13, Block 3, H&TC RR CO Survey, A-175

David, from what I see here is most, if not all these wells have been plugged. The past operators are:

Sojourner Drilling Corp./Box 3234/Abilene, Tx 79604/Phone 325)672-2832

G & F Oil Co./3812 Linkwood Drive/Aledo, Tx 76008/Phone 817)939-8851

Texas Western, Inc.—NO INFO AVAILABLE


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Clint. Thank you AGAIN! I REALLY appreciate it. It’s been a real challenge trying to get some answers about these old wells that we inherited. Unfortunately, the trustees left us in the dark about some of these properties. They were listed as “producing” properties but we were not given any contact information for the operators. Thank you.