Section 13-6N-5W Mowdy Well Grady Co

Anyone have any information on Mowdy Well Section 13-6N-5W.

Last production I see for Mowdy 1-13 was in February of 2018. Is that the well you are asking about?

You might want to contact Bays Exploration and demand a release of lease if they have not paid you a shut in payment in the correct time frame required by your lease. There is horizontal drilling all around you and you would like to be free to lease without any restrictions.

Yes, I was just wondering we had been contacted in regards to Top Leasing by several companies. Was wondering why the sudden interest, was wondering if drilling is taking place near by.

Quite a bit of horizontal drilling cases pending all around you! Now would be a good time to see if you can get your lease released.

Vickey1956, I also have minerals in this section and do not believe my lease has been maintained. Made release request to Operator, but was denied. Unfortunately only have about 10nma, so low on top lease lists. If you can share who has approached you for top leasing, I would be very appreciative.

Mark 36 sorry I’m so late getting back but right now an attorney has it and I don’t know anything yet.