Section 13-10N-3E /Linn Energy bankruptcy

Have been contacted by Linn Energy that they are going bankrupt and we need to file a claim with the court if we are owed anything. My now deceased father had the mineral rights, but it was only a minuscule fraction of a share, which paid only $1.87 in royalties in 2011 and $2.67 in 2012 and nothing since. When I talked to Linn in 2013 they said it was part of a "water flood unit" of wells not producing much anymore, and not expected to be of any value. Does anyone know anything about this area? Was there any uptick in production of old wells in that section? No one answering at Linn.

Since May there has been an on-going discussion among Forum members on this matter. I have continued to receive checks and it is my understanding that, at least in Oklahoma, royalties are protected from bankruptcy.

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