Section 129 Block 13 Reeves County

Primexx has a drilling permit for Section 160-161. Our family acreage is just to SW in Section 129. I would appreciate any information regarding Primexx and also what the acreage is leasing for in that area. Thank you!

Primexx is a wonderful company to do business with. Active in Dallas Community projects, very family oriented. They answer your calls and give you excellent information. We have minerals that Primexx has leased, drilled and has been producing since 2017. Also ran a couple of pipelines. I am very pleased with the way they negotiated the pipeline easements with me. No problems on payments or production reports. Wish we had more minerals for them to lease. Hope they never sell out to another company. Our tract is below. 80 acres surface, 42 nma Tract 16, Blk C-10, Section 16 PSL/Reeves

Well, I guess every company has its fans and detractors… There are many folks who would say Primexx is notoriously difficult to deal with.

As far as lease bonus, it is hard to say. I would not expect some of the lease bonus numbers that are posted here for Reeves Co., TX- you are fairly far south of good wolfcamp wells. Primexx has had some good wells in Block 13, and a lot of mediocre wells. It would be negligent of me to give you a number here without knowing what they are truly going for. Possibly more than what Apache pays for Alpine High acreage, and less than what others pay in northern block 13?!