Section 12, Block 146 mineral rights help

Hi everyone! I am new here, and it seems like the best place to start looking for answers is here in this forum, with so many very nice and helpful people.

We have some land in Sec 12, Block 146 in Pecos County, we are trying to find out if we own the mineral rights to it. I contacted a title abstract company, they said they charge $600 a day to do a search, they have to go and search and it takes several days. Does this price sound reasonable? I have no idea whatsoever. If not, is it better finding a landman? Can landmen also check for minerals, or do you have to find a geologist for That?

I appreciate any help at all, thank you very much in advance!! And sorry for all the questions!


I suggest you contact Charles Emery Tooke/Ft Worth, Texas. He is a well respected member of this Forum and helps a lot of mineral/royalty owners. He has been in the business 38 years. He has the resources to find the information you need.

Contact number for Charles is:


Good luck

Clint Liles

Thank you very very much, will do. You are ever so helpful!