Section 12 and 1, Township 6N, Range 7W

FINALLY… Apache is filing applications to drill a Springer formation well… the Maloney 1-12-2XH

Cause CD No. 201808714 (Multiunit Horizontal Well) and 201808715 (Location Exception)

Pooling application to follow… Lease letter in advance of application does not offer the 1/4 royalty option. We will see. Not the first lease letter to do that.

Aren’t they “attempting” to drill Springer as Sec. 1 has a Woodford already? I saw Unit pull in there about 5-6 weeks ago with some equipment and went back a week later and it was gone. They had framed up the old hole. Believe it when I see it. I’d much rather be pooled when it’s Apache involved.

Not sure why it’s the Springer and not the Woodford. I think that Unit rig was there just while they finished building the locations where they are now drilling the six Adams wells southeast along the river bottom in section 27-06N-06W. Two rigs there now. I bet one will be back to drill the Maloney well when they finish there.

I hear you on the Apache… supposed to drill at least 3 new wells and repair or re-drill the Monty well. I have a brother still pooled because of that well. OCC said the well still has pressure and would not set aside the pooling order.

From our suit against them in the final ruling they gave them 6 months to get something done to fix the Monty or plug it. It’s now 6 months BUT I got cert. letter from them last week on this new well but all they were looking for was participation partners, hihi you can imagine that…I’ll still have to see it. I Don’t believe a thing they say or do.

I just figured sec. 1 was held in the woodford is why they are going springer.

Cahnces are IF sec. 1 is held by woodford, it’s also held in springer by same lease, don’t ya think?

Yep, I think so… The 2011 straight hole WHEELER 1-1 well shows it was completed to the SPRINGER-WOODFORD-HUNTON formations on a 640 acre spacing in section 1-6N-6W.

Cause CD No. 201809592 - Pooling (Springer Formation) - Section 12-6N-7W

Hearing scheduled 12-4-2018 (Tulsa)

in general, they drill the deepest reservoir first to hold all the leases. it might not even be economic, but they do it anyway. Then they move up the horizons and drill other wells into the other reservoirs that might be equal or better.

Does anyone have an update on the status of the Monty 1H well in 12-6N-7W? I received an offer to top-lease my Apache OGL that expires soon; but I don’t want to pursue it if the Monty still holds this acreage. Someone previously mentioned Apache had 6 months to either produce or plug the well. Thanks in advance for your help.

There was a whole stream of comments on the Monty well a while back. Use the search button above to follow it.

Maf … as far as section 12-6N-7W goes my understanding is the Monty only holds those who were pooled in the Woodford. My dad, brothers and me also received letter offers to top-lease our Apache OGL that expires from June thru September. Not really interested in a 3/16th royalty top lease when our current lease is for 1/5th royalty. Really surprised that Apache has not brought a rig in yet.

Don, it’s my understanding that Apache sold this off to Camino,?..

Jimbo - I know Camino took over a couple of Rebellion wells (Tyler & Michael) just west of the Monty, but I had not heard that they had taken over the Monty. That could explain part of the delay I guess. I haven’t seen any filings with the county clerk yet.

Yup, can’t guarantee it but is what I read somewhere a while back.

Jimbo, how would I go about getting copy/info on this lawsuit on the Monty you referenced in older post? I’m guessing the reason Apache hasn’t drilled the 3 new wells is they have 200 MMcfd gas shut in in Alpine High due to low/negative gas prices, which will reduce their cash flow by ~$70MM over next several months. Got to think drilling these wells are the least of Apache’s problems right now. So if no new wells, and if the Monty well no longer holds section 12, our minerals should be open for new leasing in near future, correct?

Thanks in advice for your advice, Mike

There is NO production whatsoever from/in the Monty. We watched the guages for 6 months before we took them to court. They lied all the way until they couldn’t. All we wanted was our due release from Apache as they are not even close to a reputable company. We beat them and got our release. Anyone could have gotten released after that as I shared the release with some but apparently they chose to go forward with Apache for whatever reason. Now I understand Apache has sold their SCOOP property to Camino. I suppose now they will take their dog and pony show to West Texas…?..So not sure who even has your lease? I do not know. The Monty caved in and has never produced after a 33 stage frac.

No Guage active for six (6) Months. How is that related to getting a Release? There’s a Gas well in another location which hasn’t had any activity several years. I recently asked the new owner ,Blue Water Resources what their intentions were? In the beginning when XAE drilled the well, it was understood when it played out they would move over to another location close by. Then Chesapeake took over and it’s been down hill ever since. BWR, didn’t respond.

I have even asked the OCC to take a look. Don, had mentioned they may help. This well continues to be Shown as ACTIVE, while others in the immediate vicinity have been Plugged.

Well it depends on what’s in your lease language. I wrote our exhibit ‘A’ and put in a clause about time vs production w/o being shut in. Apache didn’t shut that well in even knowing full well it would never produce ever. The guages never changed for over 1 year ( all we took to the CCC was 6 months)= the same numbers all the way. Not here to argue about anything, just saying how we handled it and won our release. I have the court ruling as I shared with some afterwards. They were given time to repair or abandon–They did nothing of course. With that ruling everyone could have been released but most did not. You do nothing, you get nothing. Sign a standard lease–good luck.

Well (word of mouth) I have just heard that Triton Energy has taken over all of Apaches holdings in the area. Not sure, but I believe Quantum NGS Holdings might provide some of the funding for both them and Camino. I have not seen any OCC 1073’s or county clerk filings to confirm any of it. When I get a chance I am going to drive by the Monty well and see if any signage there has changed.