Section 11 T3N R4W

My name is Michael Hollingsworth. No relation, however, to the Holinsworth wells in Garvin County.

My Sister, Brothers, Niece, Nephew, Cousins and My Wife and I own mineral rights in the NE/4 of Section 11.

My Sister received an email offer today to lease, assign or sell Our interests from a LandMan (Lady) representing RedSky Land, LLC, an agent of Warwick-Jupiter,

LLC. Does Anyone know of these People and are They legitimate?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

We receive monthly checks from Merit Energy since Our Mother passed over in 2008.

Thank You.

Michael Hollingsworth

Guthrie, OK

With all those wells being drilled on section 9 and 16 3n4w and the area all around there I'd think twice or more about selling. That's just such a good area right now unless she really needs the money it might be a mistake to sell. I'm not familiar with those companies (have heard the name of RedSky Land) but have an idea they may be flippers wanting to turn around and sell the lease or royalty to make a quick buck....nothing wrong with that but they usually give a low ball offer so if she is interested in selling after thinking it over there are probably several honest people on the forum that would like to bid on it too. Did they give you a price or just say if you are interested let them know? Be better to have several options. Best Wishes!

I don’t think She plans to do anything. She just wants to know if Anyone else has had dealings with Them before She tells Them that She isn’t interested. Thank You for Your help and advice. Michael.

It's always nice to get offers and know that you have something that someone else wants even if you don't intend to sell I think!

I have received offers to sell in 23-3N-4W of 7,000-8,000. Newfield is drilling 6-7 wells in this area. They are called the Ferguson's and the Tinas. You will probably receive more offers to lease or buy. I WOULD DO NEITHER AT THIS TIME. There is no way you can put an accurate value on those minerals.

Val Connell Carter

Warwick-Jupiter has been around for only about 2 years, and do not appear to be a bonded operator. They have been active in acquisitions around the state.

Redsky has been around for a long time, but they are just brokers (agents).

I would follow Linda R's recommendations.

How did they know your email address? Sounds like an insider at a company.

I was wondering about the email address thing too. Did they email her on this forum private message or hack into her personal email, hummm? I hadn't heard of email offers before myself. We received all of our offers in the snail mail but have heard of people getting phone calls about them.

The new Tina and Ferguson wells will also be some new ones drilled around the same area as your minerals. It's just a hot spot right now. Probably several looking to cash in on it! Tell your sis just to be careful and don't sign anything she doesn't fully understand. There are several people on this forum that are very knowledgeable about leases and purchases, etc. of which I am not one that are so good to help those of us who need them learn the ropes. Ever since I started on the forum I've tried to soak up some of that knowledge. I just wish I had known about the depth limits and other things like limiting the cost coming back to the royalty owner before we signed our first leases and we would have made some changes for sure!

I only know that She tracked My Sister’s whereabouts and made a phone call to Her and then an email offer with 3 options. Smells kind of fishy to Me/Us. Thank You both for the help and recommendations. Sincerely, Michael.