Section 11, Block 3, H&GN Survey, Reeves County, Texas

hello, there are 2 wells we are under, one in bone springs and the other in wolfcamp, that run across the tract. lease is held by a pugh clause. 3RD BONE SPRING D SAND for one and WOLFCAMP X SAND for the other is what completion shows; is this part of what some are calling, 'wolfbone'? does anyone know, per chance, is there more activity being planned in that area like perhaps going deeper to prove more formations? those two wells are not barnburners, did they pretty much prove the value of the property or could more 'pay' be found/developed? we ask these questions 'cause we have been contacted about leasing the deeper rights and have received more activity than usual about outright purchase (and, like i said, neither well is stellar) and there have been flags set out showing what looks like line layout and there are what look like vibroseis 'tracks' on the property. anyone know what's happening out there? thanks.