Section 11-13, T11N, 11W

I am working on settling my mother’s estate. We have mineral rights in this area. I would like to sell to the people that own the land. How do I find out who owns what without paying someone to do the research for me?

Are you aware that you have a very nice gas well in 11-11N-11W which will probably continue to produce for a long time? And you have the possibility of several more wells in the future. You should be getting royalties on it. You might want to consider hanging onto it for future value. The surface owners may not be interested in paying what it is worth. If you want more information on what your options might be, send me a private message.

You may have sent this to the wrong person. I don’t have minerals in 11-11-11

I was replying to SueJennings in the thread. Sorry if you got it.

@M_Barnes I’m not fully sure how Mr. Blackburn came onto your post myself. We’ll research.

Thanks. At the time I posted, I thought Sue was the only one on the topic. Maybe Joseph was in there somewhere. I will use the reply under the person’s name next time.