Section 11-12N-26W

I signed a three year lease @ 3/16 on a quarter section in March 2014 and have heard nothing since. Is anyone aware of any activity in this area? (Roger Mills County, OK 11-12N-26W). Where would I look for any activity in this area? Is this information public? I have received a few offers to buy, but none to lease.

Fourpoint Energy is pretty active in the township in the past two years. Most of the activity has been on the western side. Offers to buy are always encouraging as someone knows something I don’t know, so I ignore them and wait for further activity.
Apache has a productve horizontal well in section 10 to the immediate west of you.
I am not as up to speed on the geology in that county, but you could look up maps on the Granite Wash. There are many different reservoirs, mostly conventional, but the legislature recently approved extended laterals in conventional reservoirs, so that may bring more drilling into the area. has some good maps of where they are operating. Zoom into western Oklahoma.

I know of Four Point Energy applying for a drilling permit on 12-12N-26W Roger Mills Co., OK. This was in February 2018. The information is public but not sure how to find it. It is possible Texas File has some OK info.

Thanks for your replies. I really appreciate it. Four Point is who I have the lease with.

I just called Oklahoma Tax Commission Oil & Gas Division, they show NO activity in 12-12-26 Roger Mills County . Just FYI