Section 109, Block 34

Anyone know anything about this area? Have paperwork from 2005, but nothing else. Cannot find anything online. Trying to find out if I even still own it.

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My dad owns property in sec 190 but I don’t much about it. You didn’t find it on ward county appraisal district website? Have you been paying taxes on it?

Paperwork all was lost when I moved in 2005. Found an old box recently, and some of the paperwork was there. No, haven’t paid taxes and quit getting royalties in 2005.
One of the papers says, “The Sutton Lease covering all of Section 109, Block 34, H&TC RR.Co survey containing 640 acres, more or less, Ward County, Texas.” Any ideas, please.


The vertical well(Sutton # 1/API 475-32613/Lease # 27462)is still producing in the far SE corner of Section 109. You should be getting royalty checks on this well if you own minerals on all of the 640 acres.

Link to Production Data on lease # 27462:|2=02|3=2018|4=01|5=2019|103=27462|6=O|102=08|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0

Callon has submitted 7 permits for Horizontal wells beginning in Section 111 and ending in Section 109. 2 of these permits(37615 & 37631) have been approved. The other submitted applications numbers are 37827, 37828, 37829, 37830 & 37832. No spud dates found on the 2 approved permits and they were approved September 2018.

GIS Map of Ward County Section 109/Block 34/A-232:


Clint Liles

I’m sorry to hear that. If you already checked on and didn’t find it under your name, my guess is it was sold at a tax sale. You’ll also want to find out if you might still own the minerals, they may have been severed from the surface. Hope someone on here can advise you better. This is where I started when I was appointed guardian of my father.

Thank you so much. Gives me some more information to check on. How many years need to go by before they can sell it for taxes, if you might know? Dee

I’m new at this so I don’t know exactly but I’ve seen some in Reeves County go a few years. Surprised you never received any forwarded mail re: the taxes. There’s also something called adverse possession where someone can come in and pay all your taxes for a few years and stake claim to your property. If you don’t find anything on Ward CAD, you may want to call them tomorrow or the County recorder’s office. Best of luck

Thank you. You have been a great help.

I own the land, block 34 section 60. Ward county ,Texas. I got the letter from Dawson geophysical company requests permission to conduct a 3D Geophysical Su͏r͏vey in my land with their equipments. They will pay me $200 for all my property(10 acres) to do this job. What is mean for this situation? Need help from anyone please. Thank you.John

Ask them for $500 and settle somewhere in the middle. Note, I don’t know seismic rates so take that with a grain of salt. You won’t lose anything by letting them run seismic, though, just make sure the contract doesn’t have any tricks in it.

Thank you very much for your help. I will call them to work out this situation

Shoot, ask for $100/acre totaling $1,000. Worst they can say is no and come back with a lower counter offer.

At this time, seismic companies pay the surface owner $20 per net surface acre as damages, whether or not the surface owner has any minerals. You should limit any seismic to be done within a set time period and only one seimic shoot. Most of this seismic is being conducted by Halliburton for its seismic library which is licensed for use by oil companies which have to interpret the data for themselves. With only 10 acres, a lot of the data can be picked up by seismic shooting around the edges of your tract and so I am not sure there is a real benefit to refusing. Up to you.

How much time normal to allow them there to do their job?