Section 10, Block 31, Township 1 South, T&P RR Co Survey, A-984, Howard County, Texas

Hello, New to this… My Mother has been contacted by a company ( Hotel Zulu Hotel LLC) wanting to purchase Mineral Rights This is land that she inherited from her McCloud Family that was granted the land for service to the Union Army. We don’t know anything else about the property and we are looking for any advice if she should sale the property

As discussed, subject to the terms and conditions set out herein and within the attached Purchase & Sales Agreement, Hotel Zulu Hotel, LLC (“Purchaser”), hereby agrees to acquire your mineral rights under the terms and conditions set out herein. The following sets out the terms of the Purchase and Sales Agreement: Lands: Net Mineral Acres: Price: All of Sec 10, Blk 31, TIS, A-984, Howard County, Texas 2.69312000 NMA $4,000.00 per NMA = $10,772.48 Total