Section 10 and 9 both 9 north and 4 west

First time to post so not sure if done correctly but wondering if anyone had any info on this. Have gotten papers from EOG and Roan but haven’t heard anything. 50 acres in section 9 9 north 4 west already been leased but nothing on 15 acres in Section 10 9 north 4 west

EOG has a spacing and Multi-Unit filed in section 10-9N-4W. Native and EOG have a spacing and Multi-Unit filed in 9-9N-4W. No permits to drill or poolings yet.

What exactly are you asking? “Have gotten papers from EOG and Roan but haven’t heard anything”

Thanks so much for your reply. The papers I got in June from EOG was about going before Oklahoma Commission and I was wondering if anything had been done or how to look up any info. Talked to Roan and their letter was about pooling and wanting to lease from them at low price. The Ruthless 10-15-9-4-1xh was mentioned in this letter. Again, basically I was wondering (1) if anything was happening (2) would I be notified when something did happen and (3)what’s next. I also, have mineral interest in 160 acres in Section 3 9 North 4 West. The name of the well is Thomas. Sonoco has been sending small gas checks for the last few years. A gentleman, wanting to make lease offer on Section 10, said Native is involved and I wouldn’t receive a bonus check only check if well was good.You can tell I’m not very knowledgeable in this area and not sure I’m even making myself clear. I really appreciate your time in replying to my post. Bev

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The cases are still pending. When the cases are decided, you will get documentation and notification. If you are already held by production, then you cannot lease unless you have an opening due to a former force pool or a depth clause allowing another lease. You would be held by the former lease.

The Thomas well is in section 3. You might be open in 10, or an old lease might have held both 3 and 10. You need to read them and see. Lots of leasing going on in 9 & 10.

Section 10 is VERY complicated. It has been force pooled multiple times and the new leasing has to work around and in between the zones in the poolings. I am looking at that section myself. I would need to see your exact description in that section to know whether you are open or not.

I have been out of town and just read your reply. The description is SW/4 NW/4 NE/4,N/2 NW/4 SW/4 NE/4, total of 15 gross acres. Thanks for any information. Bev