Section 10 and 15 4n 4w

New to all of this, got 2 certified letters about a company wanting to do drilling…the letter was for my late father or his heirs of the estate… We know of no such land and when we called the company sending the letter they as well had no information for us…where do we start?

Someone for the company has run a preliminary title opinion that seems to indicate your ancestor might have had the mineral rights in the section(s). The person you talked to may not have had that information. Leasing title opinions are not always as rigorous as the Division Order title opinions for payout. They just want to get the land leased and move to drilling. If your ancestor had a common name, then that could cause confusion as to the correct family.

It might be useful for you to check a couple of places to see if you can find more information.

First of all, respond back to the sender of the letters as they had some reason to generate them. Ask them where they got your dad’s name and for a copy of the title opinion paragraph that listed him. The company sending the letters may be a leasing company and not the operating company.

Second, check the most recent few years of OCC documents for those sections and see if you see his name on the respondents lists. OAP The recent cases are 2017007370-I do see quite a few Reeves on that list. See if any belong to you.
Check 202000241 especially since it is the current pooling order and there are many Reeves on it. If your dad’s name is there, then the letter wants to lease, but the pooling is coming very soon. At this point, I would just answer the pooling instead. Casillas is anting to drill a horizontal well .

If you do find the correct name, come back and I can walk you through the steps.

Third, check and see if you find his name there. The records only go back so far online, but might give you a clue as to where to go next.

Fourth, I never sign those letters, but do keep them for reference. I either negotiate with the landman directly or wait for pooling.

Fifth, should have been first, condolences on the passing of your father. Has all the probate work been finished? In order to get paid royalties and even the leasing or pooling bonus, you may have some legal work to finish.

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Assuming your father’s last name is also Reeves, this may assist you in locating information: Results for "Name: reeves, Section: 10, Township: 4N, Range: 4W" in Garvin | | County Clerk Public Land Records for Oklahoma

Expect different title requirements for signing a lease and getting paid royalties. If the property was not in a trust, you will likely need a probate.