Hello, My dad owns an oil lease,and we havent investigated it in 23 yrs,who do i contact?? Bill

Welcome to the forum. That particular section has not had any production in quite a few years, so the lease has expired. Your dad probably still has the mineral rights if he did not sell.

CE Operating was doing some leasing in section 10 back in 2018. If your dad’s name and address are listed properly in the Lincoln courthouse and affiliated with this section, anyone who is interested can find him in order to lease.

Hi M_Barnes thank you for the info!! my dad still owns mineral rights to that section along with his sister and sister in law. where do we go to find out if there was pooling done and if anyone owes us royalties?? thanks for your help


The last vertical drilling was done in 1978-80. The last production was in 1989. There was a horizontal well from 2008 to 2011. Depending upon the description of the minerals, you may or may not have production from the five wells. Your minerals must have been in the spacing unit of the well to get paid.
Type 1014N03E in the location box for the Gross Production Data. When the old wells come up, you can hit the blue PUN number and get the info on each well. The operator will be listed.

You can get the address of the operator from the OCC well record list. The vertical wells will have surface location in 10. The Gardner 1H has a surface location in 3 so use 03 14N 03E in the location for it. Test

Also search the unclaimed funds at the OK treasurer’s office.

Your mineral description should have the section, township and range and additional info such as the NW4 NW4 or something like that. If your minerals are in the NW4, but the wells are drilled in the NE4 with no spacing in the NW4 you won’t get paid for any not in your spacing. The horizontal should cover all the acreage if it was spaced at 640 acres.

Hello Ms M- Barnes Thank you so much for your advice. I try to search 1014N 3E but i did not see any data about my dad mineral owner . That mean nobody drilling on that unit ? every year the Oklahoma mineral owner registry still charge register owner with my parents name untill 2018 could you point me in the right direction to investigate this ?

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The Oklahoma Mineral Owner Registry is a private company. The true registry is with the county courthouse in each county. That is where the landmen and women go to do research.

Try looking on and see if his name or his sister in law’s name pop up.

If they lived out of state, then search the unclaimed funds in each state where they lived.

Your dad will not show up on the OCC website except as a respondent for a court case involving his minerals. The okcountyrecords site might have his name.
If you don’t mind sharing his name, I can check another source that I have.

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My dad’s name is Conrad Wantland and his sister is Rosie sadler and my dads sister in law is Francine Wantland . Thanks for your help. I am appreciated for that.

Best regards, Bill

Hello TODD_M_Baker

You mean my parents pay fee for Mineral Owner Registry every year. its a scam company? they charged 42$ a year. my mom paid for them many years .


SCAM. Stop paying immediately.

ok I will tell my mom that Thank you for your info.

Hi Ms M_ Barnes,

I searched my dad’s name on website I got recorded information like as Grantor with my dad’s name . grantee is schonwald land INC . recorded on 11/13/2001. instrument date 07/05/2001. returned day 11/13/2001 I really don’t understand all those things . could you explain for me about that , please ? I tried to search with name of dad’s sister and dad’s sister in law name but nothing show up with their names. If you have more informations about that please share with me .

Thank you so much.


The document you found is your lease. Your dad granted (owner=grantor) the lease to the company (company=lessee-they rhyme). You can pay a small fee to print it out and put it in your records. The royalty is 1/8th and the original lease was for three years. You have a portion of the N2 of the NE4 which is 80 acres. (They never put the net acres on a lease). The original term was three years from July 5, 2001. They had three years in which to drill a well.
No well was drilled in that NE4 in the three years.

Did you dad move? I ask because there was a well drilled in 2007 into section 10 from Section 3. Gardner 1-H Special Energy Corporation/Terzan Energy. It was spaced at 640 acres and would have covered your dad’s acreage. He should have been leased again if they could find him. It produced from 2007-2011. I see his name on the pooling list at an address in Illinois, so he was pooled, even if he did not answer. He should have gotten royalties from it? That well bore has been sold a few times. If he got royalties, then the well is not producing now and no use wasting your time. If he did not, then it may take some detective work to get paid since the well changed hands. The current owner is Terzan Energy II LLC out of San Antonio Texas. I have their address if you need it.

Wantland Sadler and Alice Rosalie are on the pooling list along with Tom Wantland, so I have a feeling those are all relatives-all at the same address in Danville, IL. Ring a bell?

Have you checked the unclaimed funds in Illinois?

Hi Ms M_Barnes

Thank you for your informations , Its really helpful for me a lot My dad have not gotten any royalties at all. He is still in Tilton,IL I checked all paper work my dad got the letter Special Energy Corp in 5/11/2007 They gave my dad 3 options but he took none of them. they also sent my dad Order of the commission finding and order and Order of the copporation commision. Could you let me know the reputaple detective I can contact ? How can i check the unclaimed funds in Illinois? I have never check it before . Wantland Sadler and Alice Rosalie and Tom Wantland are all relatives.

Thank you so much.


You probably don’t need a detective at this point.

Any time you get a corporation letter, you have to pay attention to it. The pooling orders only have 20 calendar days in which to respond by certified mail. If you do not, then they pick the lowest royalty and bonus pair for you.
That well was not a great well, so you aren’t missing much on the revenue if you cannot track it down. Check with Terzan Energy and Special Energy Corporation and see if they are holding any funds for your dad. Let me know if you need an address. Probably start with Terzan.

Here are the two Treasurer’s offices for unclaimed funds.

Our money was held in the Oklahoma Treasuere’s lost money fund. You need to check Oklahoma, where the wells are. His name, etc.

I tried to search two websites Treasure’s office for unclaimed fund I saw nothing funds for my dad there. Please give me address of Terzan Energy and Special Energy Coporation . I will contact them , Thank you for your help .


Thank you Susie. I tried to search on that website but i didnot see my dad’s name .

Have a great evening !