Hi everyone,

Mineral rights owner in above section. Very difficult to catch up with the rep from Sundance. Does anyone have any info re this? IE production, how active , if any, it is? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Sundance isn't the operator. Crown Energy completed the Wilson 1-1H, a Cleveland formation well, on 4/09/2012. This well covers the E/2 of the section.

Crown also completed the Weinkauf 1-1H, also a Cleveland well, on 08/03/2013. This well covers the NW/4 of 1-19N-03W and the SW/4 of 36-20N-03W to form a 320 acre unit.

If you own minerals in the section they should be covered by one of these two wells, unless your minerals are located in the SW/4. In that case they are not affected by either of these wells.

I put down the wrong info....