Section 1 Block C-21

My family just learned we inherited mineral rights and have received an offer. We want to make sure the offer we received is market value or are we getting low balled. We have not received any royalties because we had no idea this even existed. How do we find out if the company that made the offer to us is giving us a good deal. The “mineral” is gas and oil, so we just want to do our due diligence. Thank you for any information you can provide.

There’s recent permitting and rig on the tract - Great acreage.

Hey I was reading your post we must related . Were you contacted by Patch Energy also.

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Hi I was contacted by White River Oil & Gas, Surface rights only is what I own.

Vince Murdock

Hi Donna, Yes, we were contacted by Patch Energy as well. Are you related to the Leath’s?

Yes Tommie newton Leath was my great grandma

George Newton Leath was my Grandfather and Arthur J Leath was my Great Grandfather. My sisters and cousins, 7 including me, are from George Newton Leath and Rachel Crawford. We did receive a call from Christian at Patch Energy and we weren’t confident in his services, so we are now working with Blue Hawk Energy. There is some information we are trying to obtain, for the sale of our portion of the property. As of yet, none of us has the paperwork needed. It’s amazing you reached out to me as I was going to have to try and figure out how to contact someone from our relatives there in Texas to see if they would be willing to share some of the information we need. I understand their portion has already been purchased by Patch Energy. We are looking for a source deed and was hoping someone there knew how we could find that or if they have one they would be willing to email to me. I know it’s a long shot, but we are in California and Arizona. The first we even heard this existed was when Christian called us, so we are new to all the ins and outs.

Hey Good morning , DO NOT SELL That is the hot spot for oil and gas. Patch Energy contacted me wanted to buy I said no thank you. You need a Landman if you decide on 1 I will give you the number to my landman, Please again Do Not Sell

Do not SELL! Oil royalties go on forever and the oil in Reeves County rivals those in Saudi Arabia.

Hi Donna, I am trying to get information on all of our options so I can relay the information to my sisters and cousins. We are all very illiterate when it comes to this, so some guidance would be appreciated if you are willing. I need to know the pros and cons of selling vs. keeping the property. We don’t even know how much property there is. We’ve been told a couple of different things, so we aren’t sure. There is information we just don’t have, like how did our Grandfather inherit this property.