Section 1 Block C-21 Reeves County

Hi, I posted back in November regarding some land our family inherited and we aren’t sure of what to do next. We did have someone helping us, but for some reason, he has discontinued answering my emails. The last thing he was doing was to check on royalties to see if there are any in holding. That’s the last I heard from him and that was back in January. My sisters, cousins and I just aren’t sure what to do at this point. The man helping us did not give me any of the information he obtained, so not sure where to go from here. We are unsure if we are going to keep ownership or sell and still need to find out about the royalties. If there is someone that can point me in the right direction, we would be grateful. We are in California and Arizona, so we would appreciate any information we can get. Thank you, Nickie

and to be more clear, we inherited the mineral rights, not the land.

Moved this over to Reeves County for you. You may get more answers there.

Thank you for doing that for me!


it looks like there are producing wells on this section from resolute. I would imagine you are in suspense. I would mail a certified letter outlining your concerns to the operator. They usually will have to provide you with the reason why your interest is in suspense and then you can contact an attorney or landman to cure the issue. once it is cured the operator will issue you a division order and then youll be in pay. If the person you inherited this interest from died in another state and did not have a will probated in the state of texas, you will likely need to get an affidavit of heirship and file it in reeves (this needs to be signed by two disinterested parties). Good Luck!

Thank you very much for your info!

I was in your position and recently took 2 courses from the Royalty Owners Institute in Fort Worth Texas. Just like you I am out of state and I have no background in oil and gas. Now I know what I don’t know and I can figure out what information I need or want and how to get it. I hope this helps.

Do you you have a link to the Royalty Owners Institute in Fort Worth? I googled it but only found references to classes from years ago.

Yes I found the link. It is

If you have a problem please reach out to me.

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Looks like a good resource but doesn’t look like they have any on line courses for those of us in CA

I flew there for the course however I’ve been to Ft. Worth many times because my daughter is a TCU grad.