Section 1 9n-5w


I have 3/16 in section1 9n-5w. Does anyone have any info about this area?


I saw this post first Grady County, OK - Section 34-T9N-R6W & Section 21-9N-6W, but the information there should be relevant for you. It’s only a few miles west.


Roan Resources just filed for a horziontal well and pooling. You should have gotten the notices back in June and August. If not, then you need to check the following cases at the OCC and make sure they have your correct address. Put the case number in the Case # box.

201804555, 201804554, 201806629


I received the notice but was wondering if the pooling was approved or not.


Not yet. That was just the application. You should get a notice of hearing. I do not see it posted yet.


The pooling application and hearing notices have been filed. The original hearing date was set on 9/10/2018, however, the pooling is still in an undetermined status probably due to EOG protesting and thus the hearing date was probably moved. Sometimes, the, when the hearing date changes a notice, will go out or be published.


Thanks to everyone for all of the help. It’s very much appreciated!


Very new to this oil world, probate almost finished , but i have started to receive court documents from OCC now and i have paperwork showing Roan Energy with a permit to drill section 6 9N 05W up into sections 31,& 30 10N 05W, horizontal well . I dont understand fully, but does an energy company have to apply for a permit for each section the horizontal passes through? I am having hard time figuring out if some things are several wells or multiple sections with one well horizontal. Thanks for all you do , very special thanks to M_Barnes , and Jeffrey_Beunier , Debra Cummings. I have gained a great deal of info from several others as well. Hoping some time to speak to someone with mineral rights in or near the same place im conected to ( 30, 10N, 5W) witch has 2 wells producing currently Huffman 1H-30-19, Huffman 2H-30-19. In the i cant figure out the activity happening. Thanks for all the time spent and info !:smiley:


You can find the permits in the OCC well records website. The permit itself tells where the well is planned to go. Only one permit, but can include several sections. Permits are found by the surface location. In this case, you would type in 0609N05W into the legal location box.

You will often see two files for the permit. One will will be a “walkthrough” and one is a more formal format style. I usually open both since one usually has the better map. The permit form is 1000.

The next form in time is the 1001A. That is the Spud (start of drilling) date. Here, you have two wells that are listed. One is the DON’S RANCH 6-31-9-5 1MXH and the other is DON’S RANCH 6-31-30-9-5 2WXH. With some companies, you can get a lot of info just from the name. The wells will be spudded in section 6. The 1MXH will be a Mississippian well and have a bottom hole in section 31. The 2WXH will be a Woodford well and go through 31 into 30. Both have been spud. I always save the permits and spud files to my digital files and print out the permits so I can see where the wells are going.

The OCC (Oklahoma Corporation Commission) is a better place to find information on the wells. See the link above. This time, type in 3010N05W in the legal box. You will see all the wells that have ever been in the section. Now with the Huffman 1H and 2H wells, you can see the 1000 permits 1001A spud dates, 1002C cementing record, 1002A completion record (very important) and the SURVEY which tells exactly where the well actually went. I save all these to my digital files. I usually print out the completion records and put in my paper files.

The important place to go is the OK tax site. You can find out the last 12 months of production (they are usually about four months behind). Importantly for your new wells, you can find out what date first sales began. You can search lots of ways from this screen. If you use the legal, it is usually by the bottom hole location, but not always. For the Huffman wells, use the legal and type in 30 10N 05W in the correct boxes and toggle on the legal box. You will see all the wells listed. If you pick the Huffman 1H by using the blue PUN, you will see a summary page. The Active Date is first sales. Tells the acreage (sometimes). API (sometimes), tax rate, etc. Toggle through the tabs and see tons of info. Hit the production tab and get the “last” 12 months. If you hit the PRINT button, you will get everything. You can print it, or use the PDF button on the print screen to make a digital file.

Lots more to share, but that should get you started!


Thank you for that entire write up M_Barnes, The zero “0” place holder was the main thing i didnt understand using the location lookup . Have some things to search TY Ty!


William, I have some questions about this section. Could you please give me a call at 405-403-4554? I also own minerals in 9N-5W and was just wondering about some of the Corp. work in the area. Thanks Joe.


Joey, I don’t know anything about any Corp. work. All I know is that a pooling order is being requested.