Section 1 8n-6w activity and value


I am new to all of this and would welcome any advice in determining the number of mineral acres one might have. My lawyer stated we had a substantial amount, but I want to know for sure. How does one find this out?

Thanks for your help.

Don’t you trust your lawyer to give you correct and detailed information including chain of ownership and title examination? Alternatively, hire a Landman to research ownership. If previously leased, that can be helpful.

I agree with Lawrence. The attorney should tell you if they know and they should be helping you. If you just inherited it, there are several free sources to hunt in. Also, the probate documents should list them (if you are lucky). Do not consider selling anything until you are thoroughly caught up to speed and know what you have and what it is worth. Too many companies are trying to buy minerals at very low prices to actual value. You are now a steward of those resources.