Section 1, 18N, 3E Activity in Payne Co

I am helping my Mother with mineral rights questions in Payne county OK. We live in Florida and are not familiar with the processes involved. We received a court document stating that horizontal drilling under our section 1, 18N, 3E was granted on Feb 3rd, 2014. Does this mean drilling is eminent or months away? Is there any way for us to research when production would start or if it ever does?

They are going to drill well from section 6-18n-4e under section 1-18n-3e. It does not look like they have started yet.

They have filed two poolings for some reason. I can't find a copy of the second but the hearing is Feb.24

What name is the interest in ? Has she sign a lease ?

The pooling order and the permit are only good for a year so they could start any time .