Sect. 8, Blk 55, T-4

Louise Welch. I guess we share the same sight. My lease, February 15, 2017; is with

Atlantic Resources Company, Midland, Texas. I believe you have a lease with another

company. Do you know if this site has been pooled ?

Woody, I was with Atlantic but Energen bought the lease. I don't know exactly when. As far as I can figure out we are not pooled. What part do you own? N/E 40 acres or S/E 40 acres or the S/W 40? We are not pooled but as I understand they two companies will work jointly to produce the acreage. Hope this helps you. Tell me more about you and where you are at and I can share more information with you. I will send you a friend request, accept it. Or send me your email address.. Have a great day.


This is my site. not the same. Northeast Quarter (NE/4) of the Northeast Quarter (NE/4) of section 8,

Block 55, T4, Reeves County, Texas. E-mail is Thanks Louise, I can use all the help.

Tried your email and it didn't work. My email is or

Get in touch as I have great news for us both.



Tried calling you twice and get a voice mail and left message to call me. Maybe I have the wrong number....Louise Welch