Sect. 303, Block 13, Reeves, County, Texas

Does any one know of activity on Section 303, Block 13, A340 in Reeves County, Texas

Original lease began March 17, 2012; for 3 years and was extended for 2 more years. Original Lease by Rhone Properties, Dallas, Texas.

Primexx has permitted two wells - Angelina 303-302W 1H; API 42-389-36462 (in W/2 of Sections 303 and 302) and Angelina Unit 303-302E 10H; API 42-389-36719 (in E2 of both sections). Angelina 303-302W 1H was spud on November 9 and was in producing interval on January 9. You appear to have signed a new lease with Texas Petroleum Land Management LLC with an effective date of November 22, 2016 which is recorded in volume 1353, page 709.

I don't understand what is happening Sect. 303, Blk 13, A-340. This site was in the original lease.

I belive I own mineral rights at this site. I never heard of Primexx. If this property had been sold

wouldn't any lease agreements still come to me. I don't understand this at all.

Good luck with this.
It looks to me like the lawyers have been at work on this. It is kind of like a bowl of spaghetti; pull one string and God only knows where it will lead.

Robert Gill

Per Reeves County deed records, on March 27, 2012 Woody Kent Cowan (address on Autumn Trail) executed lease to Rone Properties with 3 years + 2 year option. On November 22, 2016, Woody Kent Cowan (address on Cherry Drive) executed lease to Texas Petroleum Land Management LLC. If Rone had extended for 2 years by paying additional bonus, then the 2016 lease was effectively a "top lease" which became effective on March 27 2017. These companies are leasing agents. In January 2017, Texas Petroleum assigned your lease to Primexx. Your lease does not require that Texas Petroleum notify you of any assignments. Now Primexx owns your lease (this means you are still lessor and Primexx is now your lessee). Primexx is drilling. Once the well(s) are completed and fracked, then you will get a division order.

If you have not done so already, you should create files for each tract of land that you own and include copies of every related document (deeds, leases, division orders, property tax statements, letters, printed emails). Also, go on the RRC and print all of the permit information on each well and create a separate folder for each well. You can go on for Reeves County and print copies of your leases if you did not keep them. It costs $1.00 per page, but then you can read all the terms. In the future, sign 2 originals of your lease and keep one for your records. It is very important not to throw away any old papers related to your lands, leases and wells. If you own a lot of acreage, then you should consider getting some professional advice. Also TCU Energy Institute is near you and offers workshops for Royalty Owner Management. Here is the link to copy and enter in your brower:

Thank you for your reply. I have began to organize my leases, but what confuses me is

a lease is traded/sold to another company. I thought the lessor had to notified.

The lessor only must be notified about assignments or well permits or other activity related to your minerals if it is required under the written terms of your lease. That document details all of your rights and the responsibilities of the lessee. Even if your lease requires notice, if there is no specific penalty for failure to comply, then you would be limited to financial damages that you can actually prove in court. Learn to use the RRC website and the gis map to locate each of your tracts and then check at least monthly for permits and filings. Many companies amend the permits to relocate a well or change other information. Watch for the completion reports and print those. Production will be filed under the permit number until the RRC assigns a lease number. Also, sales revenues are available monthly on the Texas Comptroller website under CONG. Again, use the permit number until the lease number is assigned.