Sect 18, 19N, 16W

Does anyone know of activity around this area?

Does anyone know anything about the Amanda well close to this site?

Janice, there's a lot of activity in the area. Tapstone started drilling the Amanda 13-19-17 on 3/22/17 and should be nearing completion (you can see the rig on Google Earth). They have also built the pad (but not started drilling) the Jordan 1324-19-17. It's located in the NE/4 of 25-19N-17W and will run straight north for two miles through sections 24 & 13. I don't know the status, but Tapstone is also planning the Quentin 2017-19-16. It will be located in the SW/4 of 20-19N-16W and run straight north two miles through sections 20 & 17. Tapstone also completed the Irving 19-19-16 about a year ago. Bottom line, section 18-19-16 is right in the middle of all this activity.

We have rights close to this site. Not knowing a lot about the activity in the Anadarco basin, is the Jordan well a production well, or more exploratory? I woud assume production, but want to confirm.