Sect 16 2 N 4W Ovintiv workover rig


Ovintiv had a work over rig on the Wright # 1 just before Christmas.

Very interesting, are companies starting to enhance production from older horizontal shale wells? Alot of the original wells are 8 or 9 years old. One of the Woodford wells in 23 2N 4W was shut in when they drilled a Springer well on top of it. Not 100% sure it was cause and effect, but it was pretty coincidental.

Would love to see them workover a number of these older wells now that WTI is hovering around $80.

I have heard that operators are re-working older horizontal wells. I also believe this particular well was not shut in while adjacent operator (660’ west offset) completed their well. Well head pressure declined following said operations.

Certainly been our experience that whenever wells are added close by that the older wells are significantly impacted. Let’s hope they can goose these older wells!

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