Sec33 07N 07W selling

I got an offer to buy 7 mineral acres but it was awful low. I’m getting on here to see if u can get any better offers. The offer was 2300 pma. Can I get a better offer???

Considering that leasing offers were about $2500 3/16 last year for that section, $2300 is very low. There is quite a bit of leasing in that section and surrounding. Looks like drilling may be coming. You might want to consider holding on. Maybe someone in Grady has newer offer numbers. For lease and for sale.

I moved your question over to Grady County.

Thank u. I had sold some in sec 19 earlier this year. I know this one is awful low. I looked up and it seems Wagoner oil company is over the payment part. The guy had also told me we should have received some $ on this I just don’t know where from or how to find out. Could u help me???

Are you talking about 19-7N-7W? or 33?