Sec16 6N 7W Camino Resources well?

Being rusty at posting on the site, I originally mentioned the topic in General Discussion, but maybe now have figured things out.

I’ve got a small amount of minerals in Sec 16 that came down from my mother. It has been very quiet for years. Get a little bit from some older wells (Slick, Terry, Brinks), but have not had any requests to sell minerals before.

Today I got a letter from someplace called Blackbird Production offering $1500/acre!

Martha (as usual) pointed out some good uses of the OCC website, which I’m working on. I’m much better over at OK County Records, and found an “Agreement” file Sept 22, 2022 for surface issues that states Camino intends to drill horizontal well(s) in Sec 16.

I then located some “Partial Assignment of Oil and Gas Leases” forms from Oct 2022 involving Camino leasing in Sections 14,15, and 22 of 6N 7W.

My questions would be: 1. if anyone knows about drilling/wells. 2. Could they be drilling on top of Sec 16, but actually going horizontally into the other sections, omitting 16? That may be intensely stupid to ask, but that’s how my head wonders.

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KAISER-FRANCIS OIL COMPANY has spud 2 horizontal wells (the PRITCHARD 17 8 2HX and the PRITCHARD 17 8 1HX) from section 20-6N-7W going north into sections 17 and 8, both 6N-7W. This was in September with the Hoxbar as the target formation. Section 17 is on the west side of your section 16.

They could be drilling on top of section 16 targeting other sections, but Camino is also using one pad to drill horizontal wells going both north and south, i.e., section 10-6N-7W Camino is drilling both the LAUREN 0607 10-3-1MXH and the WAGNER 0607 15-22-1WXH from a single pad.


I suspect you are getting the offer because of the wells in 17/8 and 10/3 & 15/22. Most offers are ahead of the bit.

Your question is actually a very good one. Sometimes they do have a surface location in one section but perforate in the one next door. This maximizes the perfs in the intended section as it takes several hundred feet to make the turn to horizontal and they do not perf the curved part so keep it in the surface location section. They also like to use one surface location and go out in different directions to drill as it saves quite a bit of money. Lauren and Wagner are a good example.

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