Sec 8 - T7N R5W, SEC 17 - T7N R5W: Reputable buyers and status of activity

Interested in names of reputable buyers of minerals interest Also, any information on status of activity in this area

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You have a producing horizontal well on those two sections. And you have may have an older vertical well if your acreage is in the NW4 of 8.
Given where the well is located, you may have room for more horizontal wells. Continental just filed for increased density in section 6 & 7 just to your west. Four more Woodford, at least one more Mississippian.

If you are getting offers to buy, that is why. In my opinion, they are usually lowball, just to see if someone will bite.


M_Barnes - Thank you for the info and advice! Can you provide the Cause/Case # for Continental’s increased density filing? I’ve searched for it, but can’t find it. I’ll take the Cause/Case # and plug it into the OCC Imaging search page to get it. Thanks for any help. Dan

Increased Density 201901050, 1048 Continental in 7 Increased Density 201802204, 2201 Newfield in 10.
I thought I saw 6 the other day, but may be mistaken. 201901049, 1047 Continental sec 18.

We received notice of a request for density increases in Sec. 10 07N 07W. Where can I find out the results of those requests? Well name Dansil 1.

If you look at the top of the request you will see an OCC case number starting with 2019. If you type that case number into the OCC OAP website, you can follow the progress.

If you are talking about the original Dansil 1 well, then you can find it in the OCC Well Records site. You can type in the name of the well or you can look in the surface location of 1507N07W. The completion report is there. I just looked it up.

Thanks. I need to do some homework on interpreting the maps and forms.