Sec 7 and 8 T156N, R97W

My family and I have mineral rights in this area and just wondering if there is any kind of activity going on there.

Section 7 has a well with section 6, back from 2011. Section 8 has a well with section 5 back from 2011. Several of the nearby sections have multiple well infill drilling permits by Hess in the last two years.

Thank you M Barnes for responding. We are most grateful. My wife and her siblings inherited mineral rights in both William and Slope County in ND. We are not sure what activity in drilling went on before we inherited these mineral rights.

Specifically in regards to Sec 7 and 8 T156N, R97W, are you saying that a well has been drilled on these properties? What if any royalties would be due us if a well has been drilled in regards to these two Sections?

Yes, there are wells in both of the sections that go back to 2011. You need to contact Hess to find out about back royalties or to change into current pay status. You also have post title information/probate in the county courthouse.

Section 7 & 6 Blake 2-6H. API 33105025700 Section 8 & 5 Sikberg 15-8H 3310502022. American Oil and Gas had this, but Hess Bakken Investments has it now.

At the time of completion, here is the Hess address. HESS CORPORATION 3015 16TH SW, SUITE 20 MINOT , ND 58701

Tell them the well names and the ancestor you inherited from and ask what title documents they will need to put you into pay status. All heirs must contact them.

Hess is now called Hess Bakken Investments II, LLC for this area.

Thank you so much M Barnes. We really appreciate your response and information regarding these Sections. We are looking into it now.

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