Sec 6 9n 7w

Our lease is up in October . Citizen went to court to get an emergency drilling order to begin before Oct. but was denied by OCC . They called us and asked if we top leased which we didn't, but didn't offer to release. We have got an offer for 1/8 at $4500, 3/6 at $4,000, 1/5 at $3000 and .22 for no bonus. Has anyone else leased in sec 6 9n 7w ? The company ( Jones) that offered the lease asked we send a letter stating we want them to be the driller even if we don't lease with them.

I'm assuming there is a battle over who is drilling. Does anyone know what this area has leased for recently. Jones has a rig set to drill in 7 9n 7w ( Ring Neck 7-6-9-7 1HX well) . and citizen wants to drill in sec 6 so I guess the conflict lies there, please explain.