Sec.5 blk 35 T4N. ltr from SMS Land Service Request for OIl and Gas Lease

Recd ltr dated 5/21/2012 from SMS Land Service, LLC in Midland,TX. offering 3 years with 1/5 royalty @bonus $250. States land to be leased "containing 640 acres, more or less".. no other land desc/details. Lt. signed David W. Storrie 1. Does anyone know this company? 2. What are going rates in Dawson Co. now? Thanks for any info.

SMS Land Service
Executive Team
The Team at SMS Land Service is professional and competent.
We have several experienced contract landmen and a dynamic support staff

Steven M. Stehle

Steve began his career in the oil & gas industry with Midland Map in 1980, He attended Angelo State University and in 1989 became a landman with Slate Land Services in Big Spring, Texas. At that time, he helped build the company from a two man team to a 14 member business before joining Perry & Perry in Midland in 1991.
He has since gained Oil & Gas and Land title experience´╗┐ in Texas, New Mexico, Montana, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Florida.
In 1995 Steve left Perry & Perry to become an Independent Landman and formed his first company, Stehle Land Services.
In 2008, SMS Land Service was formed.

Steve is a member of AAPL.
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I've checked two different search engines and have not uncovered any bad things about this company. They are only a land company with landman services and do no drilling/exploration/production that I can tell. So far I find no skeletons in the closet. Good luck on your lease.

Clint Liles

Thanks for the info. 01/11/2013..still waiting..hoping & praying!