Sec 5 and 8 TWP 16 N Range 6 W Kingfisher County

I live in Florida and have been receiving (3) letters from Mahaffey and Gore in relation to Ovintiv pooling the owners in the sections . Have new wells been drilled or is this in anticipation of new drilling ? Thanks for any insight . Jim .

Pooling is right before drilling. The exhibits from the pooling will indicate the wells. What numbers are at the top of the cases? Pooling letters are sent to everyone who has not leased to date. You will get a set of options once the order is filed. Many of us take the highest royalty and lowest bonus in order to get more money from the royalties. Bonus is usually insignificant if the wells are successful. You only have 20 days in which to respond, so send your response by certified return mail so that you have a record of mailing and them receiving it. Many people also send a copy to the OCC. Reference the case number and order number, your name, address and a description of your acreage.

What is going on with newfield oil n gas I have a lease with them and haven’t heard anything from them in 4 years or do.

Newfield was bought by Ovintiv which is a Canadian company . Their U.S. headquarters are in in Denver . Best to contact them at that address

If you post the section, township and range, then we may be able to help you with history of the area.

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