Sec 48, Block 33

Hello, Does anyone know if there is any activity going on Sec 48, Block 33 in Ward County?


At this time I see no activity in Ward County Block 33. Block 34 is very active at this time. I checked all approved drilling permits since January 1, 2017 and find no activity for Block 33. To the South across the Pecos River in Reeves County Section 66/Block 4 I find an approved permit(389-35541)December 13, 2016 to drill.

GIS Map of Ward Co. A-443/Section 48/Block 33 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

As Clint mentioned, no current drilling permits, but that is a great area. Concho, a great operator, will probably drill a well in there within the next few years. Possibly much sooner than that.

yes, we just signed (12/28/16) a lease on the N/2 of 48 with a large bonus.

Thank you all for the information! I am fairly new to this, as this was passed down by my father. Have been approached to lease by a landman, but wasn’t sure if offer was good for this time and that area?

You might consider reaching out to one of the forum sponsors to see what lease prices they're witnessing in that area. Depending on how many acres you have, you could be in a great bargaining position. Odds are there are other companies that would be interested in leasing it too, so there isn't a need to feel rushed in the event you're being pressured to accept an offer. Best of luck!