Sec 4 4N 8W in Grady County, OK.

I have mineral rights in Sec 4 4N 8W in Grady County, OK. and have had a couple of offers for lease of these rights. Can someone tell me what a fair offer might be and what is the activity in this area? Thanks

Hi Terry I own Minerals near your also. Who is contacting you about leasing? Thank you

No leases have been recorded in section 4-4N-8W since 2014 when CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC was leasing. Those leases have now expired.

Not many companies leasing in 4N-8W that I see

RED OAK ENERGY PARTNERS LLC in 2017 (5 leases)

GAEDEKE HOLDINGS VII LTD in 2016 (10 leases)


You can give me a call if you would like to discuss. I am very familiar with the players in Grady. I am available tomorrow. 940-782-4611