Sec 34 Blk 50 T-7S

We have small inherited mineral rights in this block. We recently leased for 3 yrs but now have offer to buy our rights at $10,000 net royalty acre. Any advice or opinions would be welcome.

I have rights in 37&38 50T7S and know the area well. That offer is not a good one at all.

That is a very bad offer. If you look at the map I attached (click on it to make it bigger), you will see that there are two brand new drilling permits in your section, filed yesterday. The purple section is yours. The turquoise outlines the well paths, which start a couple of sections to the west of you and end in section 34. Also you can see from the map that you are in a very active area. Lots of wells.

Personally, I wouldn’t sell at this time and definitely not at that price in any case. But everyone’s circumstances are different. Best luck!