Just wondering if anybody has any production numbers on The Keri well drilled in this section.My well is called the Kroix drilled in the same section(long story as to how this came about) but the company who drilled it is a fly by night outfit out of Houston TRP Mid-Con who basically told me they dont have the money to finish it.They blamed it on shortages.But would not tell me what kind of shortages although they said once we complete it we are going to start paying the mineral owners right then instead of waiting 6 months.But they said they dont even have the production numbers yet.So I was just curious if anyone had the the production numbers of the Keri by Newfield.


The latest posting on OCC website says the application has been dismissed. There’s no explanation so not sure what it means. Does anyone have other or more information?



The OK. Tax Comm. shows the well to be active as of 8/15/2018. You should begin receiving revenue around February or March, 2019. No production figures showing up yet.

Todd M. Baker


Todd - what is the link to OK tax commission we’ll production info? I used to have it but can’t locate now.


Be sure you check PUN box & make all numbers 2 digits, ie Section 01-07N-04W.


Thank you Todd I appreciate it.