Sec. 33

any info on sec 33 4n 6w, I was contacted and told they was going to drill, They told me I would be contacted by leasing company, Thats been about a month ago, havent heard anything, does anyone have any info on this area.

No applications seem to have been filed recently for that section. Some leasing seems to be underway. Todco just recorded a lease on the 2nd of Sept.

thank you

Vitruvian II Woodford LLC has completed several wells in your township. Vitruvian II Woodford as the operator for sections 26 and 27. The terms were $2000 at 1/8, $1500 at 3/16, $1000 at 1/5 and $0 at 1/4. Marathon pooled section 24 and 25 with these terms: $1750 at 1/8, $1500 at 3/16 and $0 at 1/4.

Thank you very much for the info.

Good luck, Mr Brewer

Any info on black fish energy, they are offering me a lease agreement that sounds pretty good

Continental has filed for Spacing in 33-4N-6W... Case number 201604419

Normally, you should have received a copy of the application through the mail. Your name appears on page 7 of the Exhibit A that is part of the application.

I only saw 1 OGL and 1 AOGL (A = assignment) involving black fish energy in grady county.

Randall - we are probably cousins on the Brewer side. As stated spacing order filed. We too recd an offer to lease in sect 33 for 3/16 at $3250 (with other options). Since we are under lease until next April we did not send in but called and was told CR having filed the spacing order would probably seek to drill in next 4-6 months. Then recd call yesterday to extend lease with a 25% bonus payment now and 75% in March/April if unable to HBP. This caller said he was working on behalf of CR. It was for $1000/nma and 3/16. I shared with him the $3250 offer and he will investigate. I was a newbie to this 3 yrs ago and still am. I know the land man guys and gals monitor this site but I want to be prepared. I’m still negotiating on behalf of my family and want what’s best. Now the land is surrounded by wind turbines that we totally did not see coming. The look of Grady Co has for sure changed!!!

Talked to my Texas oil friends and was told trying to hold onto these leases is common. What to do, what to do? I’m definitely back to monitoring this forum.

i just leased in that section..said i would get contract as soon as they checked everything ..might take a month

Randall, we are very interested in leasing in this area. Please contact me at or 580.736.3800. Thanks!


Randall, I know this area very well, and would love to speak to you about this Section in particular. Please contact me at 405-406-7468 to discuss.